Unlocking Opportunities: Latinx in Tech Program and Google Career Certificates

In this blog, we’ll delve into the Google Career Certificate program offered within the Latinx in Tech initiative. We’ll explore the various certificate tracks, including IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, and Data Analytics, and their potential for career advancement.

The Latinx in Tech program is committed to equipping participants with the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized Google Career Certificate, all while engaging in a comprehensive 12-module professional skills curriculum tailored to the tech sector. The primary objective of the program is to create pathways for Latinx jobseekers to acquire new, high-demand skills and secure competitive wages within the technology field. Here’s a closer look at the different certificate tracks and what they have to offer:

1. IT Support Professional Certificate: The IT Support course series equips participants with the skills needed to perform essential IT support tasks, such as computer assembly, wireless networking, program installation, and customer service. With professional-level training from Google, you’ll learn end-to-end customer support, from problem identification to troubleshooting and debugging. Master systems like Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code. 

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  • This certificate can open doors to in-demand job titles like IT specialist, tech support specialist, and IT support specialist. 

2. Project Management Professional Certificate: The Project Management course series provides a comprehensive understanding of the practices and skills required to succeed in an entry-level project management role. Participants learn how to create effective project documentation and artifacts throughout various project phases. They’ll also delve into the foundations of Agile project management and hone their strategic communication, problem-solving and stakeholder management skills through real-world scenarios. 

  • This certificate can prepare you for roles such as project manager, project coordinator, and project assistant. 

3. UX Design Professional Certificate: This course series empowers you to build a professional user experience (UX) portfolio, including projects like mobile apps, responsive websites, and cross-platform experiences. Participants will grasp the basics of UX research, including planning research studies, conducting interviews and usability studies, and synthesizing research results. You’ll also apply foundational UX concepts, such as user-centered design, accessibility and equity-focused design. 

  • This certificate can open doors to roles like UX designer, user interface (UI) designer, and interaction designer. 

4. Data Analytics Professional Certificate: The Data Analytics course series offers a deep understanding of the practices and processes employed by junior or associate data analysts in their daily work. Participants learn how to visualize and present data findings through dashboards, presentations, and commonly used visualization platforms. 

  • This certificate can prepare you for roles like data analyst, junior data analyst, and associate data analyst. 

The Google Career Certificates offered under our Latinx in Tech program serve as a valuable entry point for Hispanics seeking to gain entry-level skills and access opportunities within technology companies. Programs like Latinx in Tech are at the forefront of diversifying the talent pool and ensuring that Latinos are not left out of the jobs of the future. 

In the spirit of equity and inclusion, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to achieve their full potential in the tech industry. Together, we are shaping a more diverse and vibrant future for the world of technology. 

Latinx in Tech program at UnidosUS Affiliate Centro Hispano of Dane County in Madison, WI
Latinx in Tech program at UnidosUS Affiliate Centro Hispano of Dane County in Madison, WI
Latinx in Tech program at community-based organization St. Nicks Alliance in Brooklyn, NY
Latinx in Tech program at community-based organization St. Nicks Alliance in Brooklyn, NY

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