Digital Skills 4 Life: Success stories from the program empowering Latinx adults

Discover how UnidosUS’s Digital Skills for Life program is transforming the lives of Latinx adults. 

UnidosUS’s Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) program is a tailored digital literacy initiative for Latinx adults, covering basics like hardware, software, internet use, professional communication, and more. Available in English and Spanish, participants gain essential digital skills for school, work, and life.  

Here are some success stories from the program nationwide: 

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  • Catholic Charities in Santa Fe, New Mexico:
    Alma, a 48-year-old DS4L program participant and entrepreneur, shares her testimony: “The applications and lessons from the DS4L class have been very helpful in my workplace. Since I have my own business, I need tools on how to manage it effectively to enhance service and stand out amidst the intense competition in my business sector. The program has greatly assisted me in searching for prices, placing orders or checking the availability of merchandise and delivery dates.”
  • Eastmont Community Center in Los Angeles, California:
    Antonia, a 37-year-old from Mexico, expressed her desire to learn more about navigating the internet, as her prior knowledge was limited to sending and receiving text messages on her phone. Through the DS4L Program, Antonia gained valuable insights into typing on a keyboard, downloading applications, sending emails, securing online passwords, identifying online fraud risks, and effectively accessing and navigating the internet.
Graduating DS4L Class at Eastmont Community Center in Los Angeles.
  • El Sol Science and Arts Academy in Santa Ana, California:  
    Driven by a strong desire to support her special needs daughter and grandson, Maria enrolled in our DS4L class. Throughout the DS4L course, Maria gained skills in composing and responding to emails, setting up calendar events, and implementing security features on her apps and web browser. These valuable skills have not only empowered Maria but have also had a positive impact on her daughter and grandson. As the primary caregiver, Maria’s newfound digital literacy will enable her to provide better support to her family, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing digital era. 
Graduating DS4L Class at El Sol Science and Arts Academy in Santa Ana, CA.
  • Ibero American Action League in Rochester, New York:
    Carmelo, a 73-year-old man from Puerto Rico, oversees a used car business and has traditionally relied on his phone and a paper-based process for communication and completing forms with the DMV. Upon realizing that these forms are now exclusively available digitally, he and his daughter recognized the importance of him enrolling in the DS4L class. Carmelo takes pride in his ability to handle things independently and expressed gratitude for the class, acknowledging it as an opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills.
DS4L class at Ibero American Action League in Rochester, NY.
  • Latino Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee:
    Originally from Venezuela, Madeleine is a self-made entrepreneur and businesswoman who is enthusiastic about learning and growing with every new opportunity. She eagerly participated in both Digital Skills for Life programs. Madeleine seized the chance to explore various apps and social media tools related to money markets (investing, trading, and saving), business, and self-actualization, including Ally Invest, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, and Facebook. She appreciates the affordable and free opportunities available in this country, enabling her and other immigrants to advance and succeed in their respective goals and endeavors.
  • Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) in San Francisco, California:
    Magdalena sought to enhance her knowledge of sending emails and navigating the internet. Through dedicated efforts, she successfully acquired these skills and became comfortable using them. Applying what she learned, she registered for MEDA’s Early Childhood Education Pathway. Currently earning college credits to become an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Magdalena is on track to graduate with her Associate Teacher Accreditation. The skills of sending emails, downloading documents, and researching information have played a fundamental role in her success in her college career. 


UnidosUS’s DS4L program is not just a digital literacy initiative; it’s a transformative journey for Latinx adults. With a focus on the fundamentals and available in both English and Spanish, participants emerge with crucial digital skills, enhancing their readiness for success in school, work, and life. These success stories from across the nation showcase the program’s impact in empowering individuals to navigate and thrive in today’s digital age. 

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