Latinx in Tech: Success stories from the program diversifying the technology pipeline

Discover how UnidosUS’s Latinx in Tech program is providing technological training to the Hispanic workforce. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, UnidosUS, in collaboration with, is leading the charge to confront disparities experienced by Latinx communities in the technology sector through the Latinx in Tech program. By 2030, it is projected that one in every five U.S. workers will be of Hispanic descent. Despite our communities’ significant contributions to the workforce, Latinos encounter challenges in accessing opportunities within the technology sector. UnidosUS, in partnership with, is actively working to dismantle these barriers through the Latinx in Tech Program, available at select Affiliates across the country. 

The Latinx in Tech program is a commitment to providing participants with the chance to earn an industry-recognized Google Career Certificate in UX Design, IT Support, Project Management and Data Analytics. The primary goal is to create pathways for Latinx jobseekers within the technology industry. 

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Ana, Latinx in Tech participant at the LAA, now works as a Program Data Analyst.

Here are some success stories from the program:

Latin American Association (LAA) in Atlanta, Georgia: 

  • Ana, originally from Colombia, moved to the U.S. full of hopes and dreams. Finding a job in her chosen career proved challenging until a friend informed her about the Latinx in Tech program offering various Google Career Certificate Intrigued, she attended the orientation and decided to enroll in the course. Ana earned her Google Data Analytics certificate and promptly secured a job offer, now working as a Program Data Analyst. She attests that her Latinx in Tech training program has profoundly changed her life.

Centro Hispano of Dane County in Madison, Wisconsin:

  • Leyman, with extensive managerial experience in a food factory, enrolled in the Latinx in Tech training at Centro Hispano to enhance his professional skills and explore new career opportunities. Earning the Google Project Management Certificate, Leyman refined his strategic thinking, risk management and project evaluation skills. His efforts paid off when he accepted a job offer as a production supervisor. Leyman is confident that his Google credential elevated him above other applicants, making a significant impact in the selection process.
  • Maria arrived in the U.S. seven years ago, and her architecture degree from her home country wasn’t accepted by most employers. Consequently, she decided to enroll in the Latinx in Tech training at Centro Hispano. Her motivation springs from a desire to continue growing and pursue better opportunities for her family. Acknowledging the pervasive influence of technology in various aspects of life, Maria believes that knowledge in this field opens doors. Beyond obtaining certification for valuable experience, she aspires to advance within her current employer. 
Latinx in Tech class at Centro Hispano in Madison, WI.

Center for Changing Lives in Chicago, Illinois: 

  • Alyssa, a 25-year-old Afro-Latina, joined the Latinx in Tech program with the hope of securing a higher-paying remote job. Successfully obtaining Google certifications in both IT and UX Design, she has her sights set on an IT position. Alyssa feels a strong alignment with the tech industry and shares that this experience has enabled her to identify her strengths and chart the direction she wants to take in her career.
Program participants at the Center for Changing Lives in Chicago.
Program flyer at Center for Changing Lives in Chicago.

The Latinx in Tech program stands as a beacon, creating pathways for participants to earn industry-recognized Google Career Certificates, forging a new narrative for Latinx jobseekers. The success stories from individuals like Ana, Leyman, Maria, and Alyssa exemplify the profound impact of this initiative, showcasing how it not only opens doors but transforms lives, empowering participants to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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