Empowering Latinx Adults: DS4L Program Builds Confidence in Digital Skills

An overview of the Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) program that empowers Latinx adults with essential digital skills, bridging the digital gap for workforce success and personal empowerment.

In today’s increasingly digital world, access to essential digital literacy skills has become a prerequisite for economic and social participation. The Digital Skills for Life program, designed specifically for Hispanic adults, stands out as a shining example of inclusivity and empowerment. Created by UnidosUS and implemented by local community-based Affiliate organizations, this 20-hour curriculum provides participants with foundational skills in digital literacy, ensuring they are better equipped to navigate the digital landscape. DS4L is available in both Spanish and English, breaking down language barriers and enabling broader access to these critical skills.

DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Hispanic Unity of Florida in Hollywood, FL
DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Hispanic Unity of Florida in Hollywood, FL

Topics covered in DS4L:

  1. Computer hardware skills
  2. Troubleshooting skills
  3. Internet exploring skills
  4. Safety & security skills
  5. Digital solutions for life functions
  6. Digitized communication
  7. Social media
  8. Common apps, software & websites

Why DS4L Matters:

Latinx individuals face unique challenges in the digital era. While digital skills are becoming increasingly essential for employment opportunities, many Latinx individuals are lagging behind in broadband access and suffer from significant digital skill gaps. DS4L aims to bridge these gaps by imparting vital skills such as setting safety settings for internet browsing, protecting cyber security through password changes, sending emails with attachments, and managing appointments using calendar apps. These skills not only empower Latinx individuals in the workplace but also enhance their daily lives, aiding in scheduling family doctor appointments, ensuring their children’s internet safety, and offering them support with their schoolwork. This program’s far-reaching impact resonates through Latinx individuals, empowering them to navigate the digital realm with confidence and actively engage in all aspects of American life. 

DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Chicano Federation in San Diego, CA
DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Chicano Federation in San Diego, CA

Our Affiliates shared some the following success stories from DS4L participants:

  1. AAMA (The Association for the Advancement of Mexican American) in Houston, TX: Yessenia, an 18-year-old participant, found her passion for art but lacked the professional and digital skills to pursue her dreams. DS4L equipped her with professional communication skills and introduced her to digital applications that complement her artistic endeavors. The small group setting boosted her confidence, and she is now applying these newfound skills to pursue higher education, seek employment, and express herself through digital art.
  2. Association House of Chicago in Chicago, IL: Jen, a 70-year-old immigrant from South America, felt a lack of confidence in using technology. DS4L empowered her to navigate the web, troubleshoot device problems, and protect her online information securely. After the program, Jen reports increased confidence in handling personal business through technology, including using email for communication and Zoom for video calls, enabling her to participate more fully in the digital world.
  3. Chicano Federation of San Diego in San Diego, CA: Lorena, an entrepreneur running a daycare business, recognized the need to enhance her digital skills to grow her business independently. After DS4L, she can now efficiently send emails, create contracts for her business, and organize client information in separate files, allowing for greater business organization and self-sufficiency.
  4. Hispanic Unity of Florida in Hollywood, FL: Mario, an immigrant from Venezuela, faced language barriers but aspired to support his family by becoming a delivery app driver. DS4L provided him with the tools and skills to improve his smartphone proficiency, enhance digital communication to reach clients, and use GPS apps for efficient deliveries. His training not only helped him make ends meet but also bolstered his confidence to tackle new challenges and explore new opportunities in both his personal and professional life.

The Digital Skills for Life program stands as a beacon of inclusivity, empowering Latinx adults with essential digital skills that are critical for success in today’s world. By addressing the digital divide, DS4L paves the way for Latinx individuals to thrive in the workplace and lead fulfilling lives, ultimately fostering a more inclusive society where everyone can participate in the digital age.

DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Association House of Chicago in Chicago, IL.
DS4L participants at UnidosUS Affiliate Association House of Chicago in Chicago, IL.

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