This week in immigration news – July 15, 2021

news on immigration | This week in immigration news

Biden looks to avoid immigration headache with complicated decision on opening borders

As the White House continues to grapple with a large increase in people coming over the border, they are weighing whether to extend travel restrictions for another 30 days beyond July 21, the current end date.

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Biden administration assigns more staff to review DACA applications as backlog soars

The Biden administration’s decision to add more officers comes on the heels of a massive backlog in first-time DACA applications. As of May 31, only 1,900 out of more than 62,000 first-time applications had received a decision.

Citizenship for America’s 11m undocumented immigrants would boost the economy

The Economist finds that providing a path to citizenship to every undocumented immigrant in the United States would boost GDP by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

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