This week in immigration news – September 9, 2021

Here are the news items about immigration that we are tracking this week.

Afghanistan refugee situation complicates ‘broken’ immigration system

After the fall of the Afghan government, the Biden administration is struggling with balancing evacuating refugees from the country and balancing the number of Central American migrants who have immigrated to the United States and started the asylum process.

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Immigrant Sept. 11 cleanup crews seek residency as a reward

Immigrants who cleared rubble in Manhattan, many of whom did so without any kind of protective gear, are still trying to seek residency. After two decades, however, others have abandoned the fight to obtain papers in the United States.

GOP megadonor gives DeSantis a pass on immigration — and tons of cash

David MacNeil is a billionaire who frequently donates to GOP candidates and policymakers. He has said that he will no longer donate to GOP members who oppose immigration reform, but has continued to donate to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has taken a hardline approach to immigration.

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