This week in immigration news – June 17, 2021

news on immigration | This week in immigration newsU.S. to allow more parents to petition for their children to immigrate legally from Central America

The Biden administration is re-starting an Obama-era program that allows documented parents in the United States to petition for their children living in Central America. This is part of the administration’s broader effort to discourage unaccompanied minors from making the journey to the border.

US expanding work permits, deportation relief for crime victims

The new policy from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency would provide smoother access to work permits and deportation relief for those immigrants who are victims of a crime and assist law enforcement.

Skepticism abounds of Biden moves to reform ICE, immigration courts

While the Biden administration is giving ICE more discretion to drop deportation cases – such as those against the elderly, people who are pregnant or have serious health conditions, people who have been in the United States since a young age, or have ties to the military – advocates remain skeptical of how these changes will play out for immigrants across the country.

Biden wants to end for-profit immigration detention. His administration isn’t so sure

While President Biden has publicly expressed the desire to end for-profit detention centers, his administration has taken no steps to do so. In fact, recently, the Department of Homeland Security submitted a budget request that would maintain funding for thousands of beds in privately run detention centers.

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