This week in immigration news – April 15, 2021

news on immigration | This week in immigration news

These Photographs Show The Dire Conditions Immigrants Face At The US–Mexico Border

The Biden administration has been dealing with high numbers of border crossings, including by a record number of unaccompanied minors. These photographs give us a window into understanding what is happening at the border.

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The Daca immigrant fighting to empower young Texas voters

While Claudia Yoli Ferla can’t vote herself due to her DACA status, she’s working hard to empower eligible young voters in her home state of Texas.

Their Lawsuit Prevented 400,000 Deportations. Now It’s Biden’s Call.

When former President Trump was in office, he tried to end Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of people who had been living in the United States for years—some as long as two decades. While these deportations were halted during the Trump administration, many are in limbo waiting for President Biden to either renew the status or otherwise make a decision about the program.

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