This week in immigration news – March 4, 2021

news on immigration | This week in immigration newsDemocratic senator’s first bill provides 5 million essential workers with a pathway to citizenship

The Citizenship for Essential Workers Act, introduced by Senator Alex Padilla—who replaced Vice President Kamala Harris in the Senate—would give five million essential workers a pathway to citizenship.

These essential workers have risked their lives for an entire year on the frontlines of the pandemic, and the bill’s sponsors have argued this is important legislation to uplift their contributions and provide them with the protection that they deserve.

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US officials are deporting haitian immigrants despite knowing they may face danger

The Biden administration has continued to use a Trump-era policy that turns Haitian immigrants back when they reach the border. Within the Department of Homeland Security, some officials have acknowledged that immigrants “may face harm” upon returning to Haiti.

In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, undocumented people were wrongly denied vaccines

In Texas, some non-citizens were wrongly turned away at vaccination clinics because of their immigration status, despite the fact that everyone living in the United States is to have access to the COVID-19 vaccines when it is their turn, regardless of citizenship status.

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