This week in immigration news – January 7, 2021

news on immigration | This week in immigration news

Immigration advocates urge state not to inject status into vaccination program

Immigration advocates are criticizing remarks made by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, which seemed to imply that undocumented immigrants will be barred from receiving the vaccine—it is unclear whether the governor has the legal authority to do so, but advocates sounded the alarm about the public health ramifications of using status as criteria in a vaccination program.

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Applications for 171 new DACA recipients approved in finals weeks of 2020, the 1st in several years

After the Trump administration was ordered to post notice that they were accepting new DACA applications, 171 applications in the period from November 14 until the end of 2020 were approved.

President Trump extends immigrant and work visa limits into Biden presidency

This past week, Trump extended restrictions on visas that began into the pandemic, ensuring that limits on legal immigration will persist as Biden takes office on January 20.

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