This week in immigration news — May 7, 2020

Here are the immigration news we are tracking this week.

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The CARES Act did not reach all Americans

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A federal class action lawsuit was filed this week on behalf of a group of seven U.S. citizen children and their immigrant parents. The lawsuit states that these American children are being discriminated against because their parents are immigrants.

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ICE will not have to release California detainees

A panel of appeals court judges from the 9th Circuit Court overturned a lower court judge’s ruling that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would have to release detainees in their Adelanto, California facility due to the coronavirus. However, the panel did leave the lower court’s order that ICE comply with CDC guidelines on how to best reduce the spread of the disease.

15% of coronavirus cases in Guatemala were deported from the United States

Guatemalan officials announced this week that they would begin accepting deportation flights from the United States again after a two-week hiatus. The number of people on each flight is being decreased, and U.S. officials have said that everyone will first be tested for the coronavirus. It’s been reported that 15% of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Guatemala was originally deported from the United States.

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