This week in immigration news – October 24, 2019

Immigration news

The Trump administration announced a new proposal to collect DNA from undocumented individuals who have been detained by immigration officials.

The administration argues that this would help them identify migrants who are crossing the border. But advocates say that this would allow the administration to collect sensitive information from people who have not committed a crime.

A Honduran woman is seeking $10 million in damages, alleging that an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent raped, impregnated her, and threatened her and her family with deportation.

According to the Jane Doe, the ICE agent in question—Wilfredo Rodriguez—had contact with her since 2006. Rodriguez is no longer with ICE.

Every year, the United States swears in more than 700,000 new citizens. Those who become citizens are able to register to vote once they’re naturalized.

New Americans’ electoral power has been growing at the ballot box over the past two decades. Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric may be accelerating this trend by influencing the decisions of eligible immigrants to naturalize and register to vote.

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