This week in immigration news — July 18, 2019

Immigration news

Just days after President Trump told four women of color to “go back to their country,” the administration has announced that it has drafted an immigration bill. It purportedly addresses border security and legal immigration, while doing nothing for the thousands of people with DACA and TPS protections who were thrust into limbo by the president’s actions. The full details of the proposal have not yet been made public.

President Trump has claimed that his well-publicized call for aggressive ICE raids did happen over the weekend.

Immigrant communities have been bracing for the worst since the president made the announcement. Raids have occurred but so far on a much smaller scale than expected. UnidosUS and other advocates have been working hard to inform immigrants of their rights.

Shortly after the Trump administration made the announcement that Central Americans who passed through Mexico to come to the United States would be deemed ineligible for asylum, the ACLU and other civil rights groups announced that they would be challenging the policy.

While the policy has been scheduled to take effect immediately, it remains to be seen how a legal challenge to the rule will progress.

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