Videos and podcast: Celebrating one year of the AHA-UnidosUS Alliance to improve the health of communities across the nation

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the strategic alliance between the American Hospital Association and UnidosUS to improve the health of communities across the nation and increase diversity in health care governance to shape the future of care. These organizations believe that a better future can be achieved by focusing on the values we share: building healthy, equitable, and resilient communities.

AHA-UnidosUS Alliance

To celebrate this milestone, we are launching new resources focusing on our work to advance health equity and eliminate gaps for the Latino community. With leadership from the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity, the resources these organizations have developed include videos and podcasts showcasing the strength and impact of collaboration between clinical and community-based organizations to ensure equitable care for all.

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Videos highlight community collaboratives

Part of the work of this alliance is to present the innovative partnerships happening among hospitals from the AHA network and community-based organizations from the UnidosUS Affiliate network.

These partnerships are promotiong action and collaboration between community and health care leaders to advance health equity; they have been spotlighted through videos that showcase these relationships.

This video shows the work between UnidosUS Affiliate Northwest Side Housing Center and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago:


This second video presents the efforts led by Saint Anthony Hospital with UnidosUS Affiliates Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Erie Neighborhood House, and Mujeres Latinas en Acción:

Healthy, Equitable and Resilient (H.E.R.) Communities podcast series

The H.E.R. Communities Initiative highlights how AHA member hospitals and UnidosUS Affiliates working together to respond to challenges of disparities, violence, and trauma. The podcast series explores a community’s efforts to bring together health care leaders and community leaders to address key health challenges collectively.

Three podcasts have been released in which Dr. Arturo Carrillo, Manager of Mental Health and Family Support at the Community Wellness Program at Saint Anthony Hospital, and Patrick Brosnan, Executive Director of UnidosUS Affiliate Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, speak of the issues the Chicago community is facing in mental health care access:

You can learn more about the AHA-UnidosUS Alliance and its work to ensure that health care evolves to better understand and address the changing needs of diverse communities here.

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