UnidosUS Affiliates respond after Hurricane Fiona’s devastation in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Fiona impacted the island on Sunday, more than 1 million Puerto Ricans were left without power. Although electricity has returned in many areas, there are still large parts of the island in the dark and approximately half of residents are without running water. Some towns are cut off due to flooding, and much work remains to restore basic services. UnidosUS Affiliates in Puerto Rico are responding to help families and communities recover. Here’s how you can help. 

Once again, a natural disaster has impacted Puerto Rico. Just as they responded after Hurricane Maria, UnidosUS and its Affiliates will support and join efforts to assist Puerto Ricans.  

Our Affiliates in Puerto Rico One Stop Career Center—our recent 2022 Affiliate of the Year—and  CODEVyS have responded to the needs of their communities. One Stop workers have gone door to door conducting wellness checks, documenting needs, and identifying displaced persons. Members of the UnidosUS team who were in Puerto Rico this week heard that immediate assistance is needed for the following: funds for water, cleaning supplies, portable gas ranges, water storage containers, canned goods, clothing and shoes, and baby and adult diapers. There is also the need to support the transport of these items to the interior of the island, where help is most immediately needed. 

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In response, UnidosUS disbursed emergency relief grants to both of our Affiliates in Puerto Rico. We know they will use these funds to address the most critical needs of their communities.  As recovery gets underway, Affiliates on the mainland are also stepping in to help any families that relocate. 

We encourage you to donate to UnidosUS in order to continue supporting our Affiliates’ relief efforts. Your donation truly makes a difference in challenging times like these. 

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