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Unidos US Alliance

Shaping the diverse future of care

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and UnidosUS have formed an alliance to improve the health of communities across the nation and increase diversity among health care executives shaping the future of care.  

It is critical that the leadership of hospitals and health systems reflect the growing diversity of their patients and staff, and of our country. UnidosUS and AHA share the mission of building stronger and healthier communities. To achieve that, we will: 

  • Connect UnidosUS leaders with governance opportunities at AHA hospitals and health systems. 
  • Steer and promote grant work that fosters progress on social determinants of health by fostering programs and services that improve opportunities for Latinos. 
  • Collaborate on solutions around youth violence prevention and post-trauma support in communities. 

We also believe that both of our organizations: 

  • Work together to solve today’s challenges using our nation’s diversity as a strength. 
  • Believe that we can build a society where all of us—no matter our differences—can live, worship, work, and pursue happiness together as equals. 
  • Believe that we can achieve better futures by focusing on the values we all share. 

Through this new alliance, UnidosUS and its Affiliate Network will work together with AHA to ensure that health care evolves to address the changing needs of communities.


Blog and podcast: Shaping the future of health care to reflect needs of our communities 

Hearing how other communities are working on these issues can spark ideas on what we can accomplish. For that reason we have launched the Healthy, Equitable, and Resilient (H.E.R.) Communities podcast series in partnership with AHA.

Blog and podcast: Using data to create change in access to mental health care

A conversation between Arturo Carrillo, manager of mental health and family support at the Community Wellness Program at Saint Anthony Hospital, and Patrick Brosnan, executive director at UnidosUS Affiliate Brighton Park Neighborhood Council.

Webinar: Prioritizing Community Health to Achieve Health Equity  

In this webinar Rita Carreon, Deputy Vice President, Health with UnidosUS, and Jillian Warriner, manager of community benefit and health improvement at Sharp HealthCare discussed how building community collaboration and introducing novel partnerships are key to achieving health equity and ensure all achieve their highest potential for health. The presenters highlighted how their organizations managed to achieve success through their partnerships and created meaningful access to health and health care for their communities.