Video: Breaking down the Latino vote in the midterm elections

midterm results 2018

We truly saw a historic midterm elections yesterday in this country.

We saw Latinos stand together with all Americans in rejecting the politics of hate and division.

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A record turnout of Latino voters in key states contributed to the next Congress being the most diverse in the nation’s history.

We now have a record number of Black, Latino, women, Muslim, and LGBTQ Americans representing us in Washington.

And several candidates who had aligned themselves with the most virulent form of Trumpism—such as Kris Kobach in Kansas, Corey Stewart in Virginia, and Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania—suffered crushing defeats.

UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía and Deputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Clarissa Martinez de Castro break down the results in the Facebook Live session below:

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UnidosUS canvassers in Florida have already registered more than 21,000 voters in that state. We are working to build on that success with in-person voter canvassing in Texas, and across all our digital networks nationwide.

Latinos are the largest minority voting bloc in the country, and we could decide local contests across the nation and even determine who will win the presidential election. It is under this context that our initiative ¡Adelante! has been created. #Adelante2020