More than 30,000 new voters registered in Florida. UnidosUS is moving our community forward!

In November 2019, UnidosUS launched its ¡Adelante! campaign, a multi-million dollar effort to strengthen the power and influence of the Hispanic community in the 2020 election and beyond. In January 2020, we have already registered more than 30,000 new voters in Florida, one of our key states of on-the-ground canvassing activity.

UnidosUS canvassers have been working tirelessly in Florida to engage our community and ensure that those eligible are registered to vote in the 2020 elections. And that effort is paying off—since January 12, we have registered 31,212 voters. And this is only a fraction of our goal: by election day, ¡Adelante! plans to have registered 120,000 Latinos and reach more than 350,000 voters through get-out-the-vote activities.

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Deputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Clarissa Martinez De Castro, right, has been in Miami and Orlando this week promoting UnidosUS’s ¡Adelante! campaign and the number of registered voters in the Sunshine State.


These efforts in Florida are also being replicated in Texas, where UnidosUS is working with our Affiliates and network of partners with a focus on critical locations, such as El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley.

As one of the largest Latino-led civic engagement organizations, UnidosUS is investing in this work knowing that Latinos are poised to become the largest minority voting bloc in the country in 2020. This means that with full participation Hispanic voters could help decide contests across the country.

Registering, informing, and getting voters to the polls

Congressman Darren Soto joined the press conference we held in Orlando on January 17th, together with canvassers, organizations from our Affiliate Network, Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero, and County School Board Member Johanna Lopez.

However, ¡Adelante! is about more than registering voters. UnidosUS is using our policy expertise, groundbreaking programs, and network of community-based Affiliate partners to make the Latino electorate the strongest it has ever been.

For that, we have created our issues platform, a document that reflects priorities for the Latino community in areas that are crucial for the well-being of all Americans. The 2020 Issues Platform also provides concrete recommendations that will help our country tap the strength of one of our greatest national assets: America’s diversity.

UnidosUS is making this platform available to the public since one of ¡Adelante!’s goals is to inform and educate Latino voters about our priority issues, which also includes the 2020 census. Furthermore, we want to grow the Latino presence and influence on presidential campaigns, state and local races, and ensuring that the platforms of presidential candidates address the concerns of our community.

Get involved!

UnidosUS’s team of community canvassers at the presentation of ¡Adelante! in Orlando, Florida.

You too are a crucial part of the ¡Adelante! campaign. Join our efforts by signing on at and clicking the TAKE ACTION tab. And help us register more eligible voters by taking them to and clicking on the BECOME A VOTER button for online assistance on how to register to vote.

What’s more: you can support our efforts to register more Latinos to vote by joining our hashtag #20for20 campaign, donating $20 to continue increasing the number of Hispanics registered to vote this year.

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