‘The time has come: Go out there and register to vote!’

At UnidosUS we have registered more than 600,000 new voters over the last few years. But we’re just getting started. Today, we kicked off Power of 18, a voter outreach campaign to mobilize eligible young Latinos to register and vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

Power of 18 | UnidosUS

The campaign was unveiled at a press conference held during the 2018 UnidosUS Leaders in Action Summit in Washington, DC.

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Youth are not just our country’s future—they are our present. We have seen over the past several months the courage, leadership and tenacity of these young people. They have stood up to challenge on issues ranging from DACA to gun control laws to gender equality.

There is no doubt that their voices are making a profound difference. And we want to make sure they can make the same difference at the polls.

Power of 18 | UnidosUS“Many may think voting is just a hoax, but it does make a difference,” said Yaaresi Leon, a student at Houston Gateway Academy in Texas. “I believe that it’s important that we as Latino take time out of our lives to get informed and vote.”

“Our vote is the most valuable tool we have to hold our elected officials accountable,” said Santtanna Rivera, a Youth Council Member at UnidosUS Affiliate El Pueblo in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Power of 18 features an online portal where youth can register to vote. And you can take part right now! Visit powerof18.com and follow the tasks below:

  1. If you’re not registered to vote, or if you’re not sure, check right now using our module.
  2. Get the word out: Share the website with your friends and family on Facebook.
  3. Chip in to support UnidosUS’s voter registration efforts, and help make sure as many people as possible get the information they need to register to vote.


The 2018 midterm elections are critical to setting our nation on the right path. We need to take a stand for:

  • Policies that represent our values
  • Policies that bring our country together
  • Policies that open opportunity for all
Power of 18 | UnidosUS
Alejandro Johnson, government teacher at East Austin College Prep, carries out a curriculum lesson with students in his classroom as part of the UnidosUS High School Democracy Project.

And it’s not just about the upcoming elections. Every election matters. That’s why Power of 18 is just one part of our broader civic engagement campaign. This effort includes our High School Democracy Project, voter boot camps, and on-the-ground canvassing efforts in key states.

It’s not just about what happens at the federal level. It’s about being a civic activist that’s engaged with the issues that affect our community and country.

“We have to be able to also take actions in our communities,” Santtanna said.

“Young Hispanics needs to understand that this country is as much their own as it is anyone else’s,” Yaaresi said. “The time has come, go out there and register to vote and become active citizens.”

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