This Week in Immigration Reform — Week Ending April 22


Week Ending April 22

This week in immigration: NCLR rallies with immigration advocates on steps of Supreme Court and what could happen next in U.S. v Texas

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NCLR rallies on Supreme Court steps for administrative relief: NCLR staff members joined thousands of advocates and NCLR Affiliates for a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court in support of the President’s executive actions on immigration on Monday as the justices heard arguments in the U.S. v Texas case. Attendees heard from families and Congressional representatives, as well as NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía, about the need for administrative relief and the effects on American communities. “The presence of thousands of people at the Supreme Court today demonstrates both how many families are impacted by this needless delay and how important it is to let these programs go forward, not only to our community, but also to our economy and our country,” said Ms. Murguía in a statement. “Presidents on both sides of the aisle, on many occasions, have set a clear precedent for the use of executive action to shield people from deportations. We hope and expect that reason and precedent win the day.” Media and highlights from the rally can be found in our blog post and on our website.


Mother describes why she joined the #fightforfamilies outside of the Suprme Court: A member of Make the Road, an NCLR Affilitate, shared in an op-ed in the New York Times why she made the trip to Washington, DC to stand at the Supreme Court on Monday and what DAPA would mean for her family. Olga Armas writes, “My daughters know that if DAPA goes forward, our lives will change. Dad will be able to look for another type of work that isn’t so hard on his body. I will be able to get a driver’s license and a car and drive them to visit colleges and go to robotics club competitions.”

What happens next in U.S. v Texas? The American Immigration Council has put together a helpful blog post describing the possible next steps in the Supreme Court case. Describing the process of writing opinions and issuing decisions, the post concludes, “For those who could be eligible for expanded DACA and DAPA, this wait could be excruciating. However, the high stakes involved in this case necessitate a careful look and thoughtful consideration by the highest Court. The decision cannot some soon enough for many, but hopefully, it will be worth the wait.”

Nebraska legislature overrides veto allowing DACA recipients to apply for professional licenses: This week, the Nebraska state legislature overrode the governor’s veto of a bill that would allow DACA recipients to apply for professional licenses.  The legislation was widely supported in the state, with business groups and chambers of commerce advocating for its passage so that DACA recipients could stay in Nebraska and pursue their professions. 

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