California Invests in the Health of All Its Children

HEALTH-child-getting-ear-checked_1Starting in May 2016, children in California who meet income eligibility requirements but who are otherwise ineligible due to immigration status will be eligible for public coverage via the state’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal. The Golden State is the largest one to join New York, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia to cover all children. Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 4 into law recently, paving the way for the expansion of health coverage to all eligible children under the age of 18, regardless of immigration status. The bill originally intended to broaden eligibility to include adults as well, but was narrowed during negotiations in June.

State Sen. Ricardo Lara, who led the effort said, “It’s a precursor for us to getting healthcare for all in the next year or so.”

In the meantime, 170,000 children will be eligible for coverage when the law goes into effect next year. NCLR remains committed to increasing the number of individuals with quality, affordable, and accessible health coverage and care, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much they or their families make.

California’s effort is a significant step toward a more inclusive health care environment for all.

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