Using Technology to Harness the Power of Our Vote

OVR_image1_9_16_2014_560x292The Internet has impacted nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives: it’s reshaping how we communicate, the way we get news and information and, more recently, how we elect our presidents. Unsurprisingly, the ever-growing Latino community is at the forefront of this revolution—as over-indexing early adopters of new technologies.

A Pew Research Center study found that 93 percent of Latinos ages 19–29 are online. That’s a lot of connected Latinos. Naturally, NCLR wanted to find a way to engage this growing population of eligible voters. This is why we partnered with Rock the Vote to develop a new, easy-to-use voter registration tool that will allow us to register voters, whether at home or on the go.

With this tool, voters can quickly begin the voter registration process from their home computer or mobile device. Our friends at Rock the Vote have made the process very simple: fill out the digital voter registration form, print it, and mail it to your local registrar. That’s it! Take those three steps before your state’s voter registration deadline and you’re all set to vote on November 4.

A lot is at stake for our community in this election, so don’t wait, register today:

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UnidosUS canvassers in Florida have already registered more than 21,000 voters in that state. We are working to build on that success with in-person voter canvassing in Texas, and across all our digital networks nationwide.

Latinos are the largest minority voting bloc in the country, and we could decide local contests across the nation and even determine who will win the presidential election. It is under this context that our initiative ¡Adelante! has been created. #Adelante2020