2013 NCLR Health Summit – Day 1 Wrap-Up

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2013 NCLR Annual Conference – Health Summit Pre-conference

A wrap-up of Day 1

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The 2013 NCLR Annual Conference is underway and was kicked off with the second annual Health Summit pre-conference event. Below are some of the highlights from Day 1.
Health Summit attendees filling up on some breakfast before starting their day. #LatinoHealthNCLR
Delia Pompa, Senior VP, Programs, delivering opening remarks at the Health Summit #latinohealth #NCLR13NCLR
After a healthy breakfast, it was time to move on to the Health Summit agenda. The focus this year is on implementation and how we can make sure our Affiliates get it right.
@NCLR Health Summit starting off with healthcare reform update #LatinoHealthDanny Montes
Our own Delia Pompa, Senior VP of Programs, kicked off the two-day event this morning with a blog on why we’re gathering in New Orleans today.
NCLR Health Summit to Focus on Affordable Care Act Impelementation(Originally posted to the Campaign for Modern Medicines blog) In a couple of days, NCLR will host thousands of Latinos in New Orleans for…
After breakfast, our Health Policy Project Director, Jen Ng’andu, opened the day with an update on the Affordable Care Act and the implications for immigration reform.
Jen Ng’andu giving an #ACA update. #LatinoHealthFacebook
Key takeaways from Ms. Ng’andu’s update: 
On to implementation basics: 18 states and DC will run their own health exchanges. #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
There will be 7 federal-state partnership exchanges #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
There will be 25 federally-facilitated exchanges #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
Ng’andu: Let me be clear, if you use health care in this country, you’re not considered a public charge. #NCLR13 #LatinoHealthNCLR
Core #ACA enrollment challenges for Latino community : Immigrant households, langauge barriers, low-income families #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
There were excellent informational materials on hand today.
Latinos, ACA + immigration reform w/ @CanDoNgandu + new ACA materials from @familiesusa! #nclr13 #latinohealth http://pic.twitter.com/aJngHyjIiQValentina
During lunch, this happened: 
It’s time for lunch! In the meantime, congrats Tom Perez on your Senate confirmation today! http://ow.ly/n67cy #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
We also released the results of a new survey which shows how Latino-serving organizations are navigating a changing health care landscape.
A new survey shows community orgs not ready to assist Latinos in obtaining health insurance. http://ow.ly/n6bT6 #NCLR13 #LatinoHealthNCLR
Results showed that top 3 methods of enrollment assistance provided by Latino-serving CHCs & other CBOs are…#NCLR13 #LatinoHealth (1/4)NCLR
1. Notifying existing patients of their potential eligibility #NCLR13 #LatinoHealth (2/4)NCLR
2. Aiding eligible patients in filling out the paperwork. #NCLR13 #LatinoHealth (3/4)NCLR
3. Assisting patients in completing enrollment forms in Spanish #NCLR13 #LatinoHealth (4/4)NCLR
Thank you, Humana, for lunch!
Thank you Humana for your support of our Health Summit. #latinohealth #nclr13NCLR
Guess who was also at the Health Summit?!
Shoutout to .@DoloresHuerta who is in attendance at the #NCLR13 Health Summit! #LatinoHealthNCLR
After lunch, there were two break-out sessions: 1. Advocacy In Action: Influencing Policy and Policy Makers
Breakout session 1: Advocacy in Action: Influencing Policy and Policy Makerrs. #latinohealth #nclr13NCLR
Marc Wetherhorn: "If your org doesn’t understand why they need to do advocacy, they won’t do it well." #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
Wetherhorn: "If you’re not reaching out to your community asking them to help you, you’re not doing it right. @nachc #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
Why should Latino orgs engage in advocacy? To protect funding, to fulfill missions. to give Latinos a stronger voice. #NCLR13 #LatinoHealthNCLR
Our own Danny Montes, from the L.A.. regional office also provided his expertise.
Danny Montes says @El_Concilio_ is a model for staff engagement. #NCLR13 #LatinoHealthNCLR
Other model Affiliates: TODEC and @AltaMed_Health Services #NCLR13 #LatinoHealthNCLR
Montes: At the end of the day, we have to do this work, because it’s the right thing to do. #LatinoHealth #NCLR13NCLR
Meanwhile, in Breakout Session 2: Becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center….
Questions to consider in breakout session 2: Becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center. http://ow.ly/i/2E9TONCLR
RT @maryscenter: @NCLR #latinohealth #nclr13 @MarysCenter shares info and challenges as one of over 1,200 FQHC’s in USNCLR
At the end of Day 1, it was time to reflect and for attendees to enjoy each other’s company, and, more importantly, talk about the work they all do in their communities.
Day 1 of the Health Summit is over. Time for some networking! #latinohealth #nclr13NCLR
Health Summit attendees admiring each other’s work at the end of Day 1 #latinohealth #nclr13NCLR
Daniel Hernandez of Affiliate La Maestra Community Health Centers on Day 1 of the Health Summit. #nclr13 #latinohealthNCLR
A big “Thank You” to Boehringer Ingelheim for making the Day 1 networking reception possible.
Thank you, Boehringer Ingelheim for supporting the Health Summit networking reception. #latinohealth… http://instagram.com/p/b7JkyczdDA/NCLR
Thank you, Boehringer Ingelheim for supporting the Health Summit networking reception. #latinohealth #nclr13NCLR
That was it for Day 1. One more day to go before we start the last day of the Health Summit. Then we kick off the #NCLR13 Annual conference! Stay tuned!

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