More Latinos in STEM Will Lead to Increased Opportunities

We’re dedicated to increasing the number of Latino students concentrating in STEM fields. Through the Padres Comprometidos Math at Home:  STEM Curriculum for Parent Engagement, we aim to promote parent education and engagement around the science, technology, engineering, and math standards for student success.

Jose Hernandez. Photo: Wikipedia

Josè Hernández certainly understands the benefits STEM fields hold for our community. As an engineer, scientist and a former astronaut, Hernandez has been an outspoken advocate for more investment in STEM as well as for ways we can encourage and inspire more Latino students to choose the field as a career choice.

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In an op-ed on Fox News Latino recently, Hernandez explains the benefits.

Without increasing the numbers of minorities in engineering and technology as the percentage of white males in the workforce decreases, the number of engineers will also decrease.

African-Americans, Latinos and American Indians are collectively 26 percent of the working population in the United States, collectively accounting for just nine percent of the workers in science and engineering fields and just 11 percent of graduates with science or engineering degrees.

We’re definitely working to increase the number of Latinos in STEM and we’re glad people like Hernández are out there to champion this very important cause.

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