VIDEO: Driving Social Change is Hard. UnidosUS Líderes Avanzando Program Can Facilitate the Process

Today’s world is so full of complex social and political problems it’s often hard to know how to step in and make a change. But that’s exactly what UnidosUS wants to see young Latinos do. With that in mind, in 2017, it launched the Avanzando Fellowship, a one-year fellowship within its Líderes Initiative geared toward third- and fourth- year college students who are passionate about invoking change for Latinos on their campus communities and beyond.

As shown in the video below, Avanzando fellows are asked to propose an issue they’d like to address and develop a way to create change on that issue. Through in-person training modules, fellows learn about the legislative process, advocacy strategies, policy memo writing, blog post writing, public speaking, and conducting a legislative meeting. At the end of the year, fellows lead a meeting with their U.S policy maker and their staff.


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