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Latino Voters & the 2024 Elections 

Latinos are the second largest group of voting-age Americans and will play a pivotal role in this critical election year. Thanks to support from donors like you, UnidosUS’s Latino Vote Initiative (LVI) has launched several powerful tools and resources for voters and policymakers.

In November, we debuted the first-of-its-kind Hispanic Electorate Data Hub to promote an accurate understanding of how and why Latinos vote the way they do. The national survey of Latino voters—conducted as part of our partnership with Mi Familia Vota— polled 3,037 eligible voters. Key findings include:

  • Economic issues comprised 4 of the top 5 concerns for Latino voters: inflation and the rising cost of living; jobs; healthcare; and housing affordability.
  • Gun violence was also in the top 5 priorities.
  • Just behind the top 5 issues, immigration ranked 6th, and voters prioritized action on providing a path to citizenship for long-residing undocumented individuals and Dreamers.
  • By a 71% to 23% margin, Latinos oppose efforts to make abortion illegal, no matter their own personal beliefs on the issue.
  • Latino voters think climate action is urgently needed to forestall weather-related catastrophes; only 6% think climate change is not real.

You can watch the national briefing, read polling results, and explore the data hub online here.

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Seeking to boost Latino political power, LVI works to establish an accurate understanding of the Hispanic electorate, foster meaningful engagement with these voters, and increase Latino civic participation. In addition to the hub, our Become a Voter site offers resources so new voters can register, become informed, follow the issues, and vote!

Thanks to your support, these tools empower voters and frame our community’s priorities through evidence-based data, painting a clear picture for policymakers in this crucially important election year and beyond.