UnidosUS advocates for humanitarian immigration policies on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

In an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program, Clarissa Martinez de Castro, UnidosUS Vice President of the Latino Vote Initiative, brought the Latino perspective to the forefront of the discussion on protecting immigrant rights and addressing the root causes of humanitarian migration.

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal offers a space where policy experts, lawmakers and journalists delve into the nuances of current legislation. The one-hour segment, which aired on Sunday January 28, 2024, provided a platform for debate and discussions on the pressing issues surrounding immigration, border security and the 2024 presidential campaign.  

In this episode, UnidosUS’s Clarissa Martinez de Castro, appeared opposite Lori Reis, the Border Security and Immigration Center Director of the Heritage Foundation, a right-leaning organization. 

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One of the key highlights of the segment was Clarissa’s articulate response to the prevalent misinformation surrounding immigration. As a representative of UnidosUS, Clarissa emphasized the need for humane bipartisan solutions to modernize our immigration system and provide resources at the Southern border. 

Clarissa asserted, “We as civil society and voters have every right to be completely frustrated about the state of our immigration system and about the state of the debate about immigration. For a very long time, the American public has been pretty aligned on what needs to happen: we want to see a well-managed and secure border. We want to see a path to legality for immigrants who have been in this country for many years who remain undocumented, and we want to see a strong legal immigration system that serves the economy, that serves families and protects people in danger.” 

The one-hour segment is a must-watch for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the immigration discourse. You can tune in and watch the full one-hour segment here.  

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In this statement of record, UnidosUS and its Affiliate Network of nearly 300 community-based organizations in 37 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico work to provide education, health care, immigration, housing, workforce development, free tax preparation, and other services to millions of Latinos in the United States each year.

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