UnidosUS’s Moving US Forward Impact Report showcases our 2021 wins

During the second year of the pandemic we kept our focus on what Latinos needed and how we could best serve them. Our 2021 Impact Report brings the voices of the community we serve and the impact we had.

As we moved into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, UnidosUS understood the importance of enduring and strengthening our Esperanza campaign.

In an effort to continue the response to the pandemic, the Esperanza Hope for All campaign was born, providing program support to our Affiliate Network, access to vaccines, and trusted bilingual information to ensure Hispanics could recover both on the health and economic fronts.

Through our Affiliates, 114,000 COVID vaccines were administered in our communities, followed by robust efforts of combating misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of the shots.

2021 UnidosUS Impact Report

Advocating for the Child Tax Credit became one of UnidosUS’s top priorities during 2021 as well, understanding the economic struggles our families had endured during the pandemic. Thanks to the Child Tax Credit, 1.4 million Hispanic children were lifted out of poverty.

The organization also focused their efforts on 2021 on ensuring Latinx people were appointed to the new administration to have our voices not only heard, but represented in the rooms where decisions are made.

This year’s Impact Report represents the optimism amid the challenges, and everything we have been able to accomplish in partnership with our Affiliate Network, our funders, and partners. Experience the complete UnidosUS 2021 Impact Report Moving US Forward here.

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