Reflecting on the American Rescue Plan Act in Puerto Rico after one year

Last week, Brayan Rosa-Rodríguez, Senior Policy Analyst of UnidosUS’s Economic Policy Project, led an event in Puerto Rico where panelists reflected on the progress that had been made on the island since the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) one year ago.  

Featured speakers at the event included Gene Sperling, Senior Advisor to the President and American Rescue Plan Coordinator at The White House, and Governor Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico. Panelists included representatives from local and national nonprofits– Instituto del Desarrollo de la Juventud, Espacios Abiertos, United Way of Puerto Rico, United Way Worldwide, and Hispanic Federation. 

Attendees of the event waiting to hear remarks.

ARPA investments in Puerto Rico, as Governor Pierluisi outlined in his remarks, have allowed Puerto Rico to have high COVID-19 vaccination rates, improve school infrastructure, provide assistance to low-income workers, and promote tourism on the island.  

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Brayan Rosa-Rodriguez with representatives from UnidosUS Affiliate Corporación de Desarrollo Económico, Vivienda y Salud.

And of course, ensuring that Puerto Ricans are eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit and have access to an increased amount of the local Earned Income Tax Credit that will reduce child poverty on the island.  

It’s important to note that this panel wasn’t the only event that UnidosUS held in Puerto Rico last week—as Puerto Ricans are eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit this year, the organization has been working hard to provide resources to create and train a group of tax navigators to support families interested in claiming this credit through their taxes. As a result, UnidosUS partnered with the White House’s ARPA team, the Puerto Rico government, and local groups to co-lead a massive navigator training for more than 200 local agency staff, municipal social services workers, and community leaders on the Island at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.  

To learn more about changes to the Child Tax Credit this year, visit our website  

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