This week in immigration news – March 23, 2022

Judge blocks Biden administration rules for ICE deportation agents 

A federal judge in Ohio recently blocked a Biden administration rule that would have directed ICE to take into account factors such as the gravity of an offense, military service, and time living in the United States when deporting people with criminal records. His decision also blocks immigration officials from being able to release or delay the deportation of people who have final orders of deportation.   


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Google settles over firing of workers protesting immigration cloud deal 

The case involved the online giant against workers who were among a larger group protesting the company’s cloud technology relationship with U.S. immigration authorities in 2019. 


Record number of Cubans arriving at U.S.-Mexico border 

Despite ports of entry being closed in the United States, Cubans are coming to the United States to claim asylum as the country continues to deal with high levels of social unrest.