This week in immigration news – January 12, 2022

Texas sheriff under investigation for allegedly seizing money from undocumented immigrants

Warrants that are part of the investigation into Real County Sheriff Nathan Johnson show money, computers, digital storage devices, and electronic communications being seized during traffic stops. Advocates claim that while law enforcement has the authority to seize these materials if they’re part of criminal activity, the evidence did not exist at the time of these stops.

The Texas attorney general did not respond to questions about the case, and Sheriff Johnson claimed in a December social media post that his office doesn’t know what prompted the investigation.


H-1B visa denial rates plunge after Trump immigration policies end

Following a settlement with ITServe Alliance and the restrictions being declared unlawful, the Biden administration’s denial rate of H-1B visas has dropped to 4% in 2021, far lower than the 13% in FY 2020, 21% in FY 2019, and 24% in FY 2018, according to a report from the National Foundation for American Policy.


California poised to remove all immigration status rules for Medi-Cal health care

The governor’s latest budget proposal would allow all California residents who qualify based on their income to enroll in the state’s health insurance plan.