This week in immigration news – December 9, 2021

Maryland will remove governor from parole process, limit immigration detention
This week, the Maryland legislature voted to override Governor Hogan’s veto on legislation banning agreements with ICE to keep detainees in local jails and preventing police from asking people about their immigration status during traffic stops.


An internal document shows DHS officials advised against Haitian deportations, fearing they could violate human rights obligations

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DHS’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties cited that immigrants deported to Haiti could experience “refoulement,” which is when asylum-seekers are returned to countries that have persecuted them.

“It’s just wrong”: Documentary sheds light on U.S. military veterans facing deportation

PBS’s new documentary American Exile features two Vietnam veterans who were ordered deported decades after their service to the U.S. military. While their deportations are now on hold, they are using the new documentary as a platform to demand justice for other immigrant veterans.