This week in immigration news – December 2, 2021

Democrats make last effort to keep immigration reforms in social spending bill

The immigration portions of the Build Back Better Act – temporary protected status and work permits – face an uphill battle in the Senate, where they will soon be in front of the Senate parliamentarian, who rejected the inclusion of a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants earlier this fall.


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‘People who are hurting hurt others’: undocumented immigrants pioneer ways to break cycle of trauma 

Germán Cadenas, a professor of psychology at Lehigh University and former undocumented immigrant, has found through his research that when immigrants engage in advocacy, their mental health improves.


UN official criticizes migrant deportations from southern U.S. border

Filippo Grandi, U.N. high commissioner for refugees, urged the Biden administration to do more both by working with Central American governments on the issue and offering opportunities for immigrants to work while they’re in the United States.It is important to note that while President Biden campaigned on rolling back the Trump administration’s draconian immigration policies, many still remain in place.