This week in immigration news – November 17, 2021

DHS stops releasing some migrants without providing immigration court dates

The Biden administration had been releasing immigrants with “notices to report” instead of the more detailed “notices to appear,” putting the burden on immigrants to begin their own deportation proceedings.

At a recent Senate panel, DHS Secretary Mayorkas explained that the Biden administration has reverted to distributing notices to appear, and added that information packets on immigration processes, including a notice to appear, have already been sent to some migrants who only received notices to report.

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Advocates to Democrats: Build Back Better by giving the undocumented green cards

Immigrant rights advocates are currently trying to pressure Democrats to restore a pathway to citizenship that had been included in the administration’s spending package, arguing that the proposed inclusion of temporary protection from deportation does not go far enough.


Mexican president says he will call out U.S. lawmakers who vote against immigration reform

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said as part of his remarks about calling out lawmakers that block immigration reform that it is time for the United States to recognize the substantial contributions that Mexican immigrants have made to the country.


Democrats are set to leave immigrants in the lurch again

While Senator Sinema announced that she supports the current provisions, Senator Manchin has not said anything definitive about whether he would support the spending bill’s immigration provisions. Additionally, Senate Parliamentarian MacDonough has also rejected immigration policy changes in budget reconciliation in the past, and it is difficult to say whether she will support the current bill, which does not include a pathway to citizenship.