Our Affiliates take on the needs and opportunities for Latinos arising from the pandemic

The needs immigrant and Latino communities have faced during the pandemic are unique to their situation and circumstances. Our Affiliate Latino Policy Forum, based in Chicago, Illinois, set up community discussions to talk directly to their clients and get responses to tackle their needs. The result: five reports shedding light about the necessities of Chicago’s Latino and immigrant populations, which can be extrapolated to the experiences of other Hispanics and immigrants across the country. The authors, Senior Policy Analyst Sarah Cartagena and Immigration & Housing Intern Louisa Silverman, wrote the articles in Spanish and English, and below you can find a link to all of them.

Direct Cash Assistance Can Help Immigrant Families Struggling to Pay Bills

  • According to immigrant families across Chicago, direct cash assistance is essential for them to recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

Ayudas de dinero en efectivo beneficiarían a familias inmigrantes con dificultades para pagar sus facturas

  • Las familias inmigrantes de Chicago afirman que la ayuda en efectivo es fundamental para que se puedan recuperar económicamente de la pandemia del COVID-19. Lea más.

COVID’s Hidden Toll on the Immigrant Community Is Its Mental Health Impact

  • Immigrant families in Chicago say that dealing with health, financial, and logistical challenges arising from COVID leaves them with no time to care for their mental health—a challenge as dangerous as any other, and one that demands more attention and support. Read more.

La comunidad inmigrante está pagando un peaje oculto por el COVID-19: su salud mental

  • Las familias inmigrantes de Chicago afirman no tener tiempo para cuidar de su salud mental ya que están lidiando con otros problemas de salud, dificultades financieras y cuestiones logísticas. Este problema al que se enfrentan es tan peligroso como cualquier otro y exige que prestemos más atención y dediquemos más recursos. Lea más.

How COVID Assistance Outreach Can Better Reach Immigrant Communities

  • Immigrants stand to benefit the most from quality information on COVID-19 assistance, but not enough is being done to ensure that they are reached. Read more.
UnidosUS Affiliates like MAUC has collaborated with organizations throughout San Antonio to assist our families in need during the pandemic.

Cómo pueden llegar mejor las ayudas por COVID a las comunidades inmigrantes

  • Pese a que los inmigrantes pueden ser los más beneficiados de las ayudas por COVID, no se está haciendo lo suficiente por informar a esta comunidad. Lea más.

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) Are More Important Than Ever. Do You Know Yours?

  • Despite limited capacity, local CBOs know their communities well and play a key role in connecting immigrant families with much-needed assistance in the wake of COVID-19. Read more.

Las organizaciones comunitarias son más importantes que nunca. ¿Conoce la suya?

  • A pesar de sus limitaciones, las organizaciones comunitarias conocen bien la comunidad en la que ofrecen sus servicios y juegan un papel fundamental a la hora de conectar a las familias inmigrantes con la ayuda que tanto necesitan durante el COVID-19. Lea más.

For the Immigrant Community, Medical Care Access Is as Pressing as Ever

  • While financial assistance programs for immigrants play a big part in mitigating the financial burdens brought on by the pandemic, there is no substitute for accessible medical care, which has never been more necessary for the community. Read more.

La comunidad inmigrante necesita acceso a la atención sanitaria más que nunca

  • Si bien es cierto que los programas de ayuda económica para los inmigrantes son fundamentales para mitigar el impacto financiero causado por la pandemia, el acceso a la atención sanitaria es insustituible. Nunca el cuidado de la salud ha sido tan importante para esta comunidad. Lea más.

Knowing the issues affecting our communities helps organizations, institutions and elected officials focus their work. Thanks to UnidosUS Affiliates like Latino Policy Forum who are working on building the power, influence, and leadership of the Latino community through on-going community forums, where they identify issues, develop agendas, and increase civic participation in the Latino and immigrant community.

Stay tuned and continue learning about the important work of the UnidosUS Affiliate Network in our blog and social media (@WeAreUnidosUS).

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