Washington Policy Outlook – Week of April 12, 2021

Congress is back in session this week, and policymakers will confront many issues that are important to our community.  

On Tuesday, the Senate, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee had a hearing on racial discrimination in housing. The committee also had a hearing on racial justice and student loan borrowers. UnidosUS recently published a “primer” on racial justice and Latino communities in the United States and addressing systemic and institutional racism is embedded in all of our work.  

On Wednesday, the House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing on investing in affordable housing as part of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better campaign. Access to affordable homes remains a critical issue for our community. For example, last summer, we held a convening of our Affiliate Network about how nonprofit, community-based organizations can help create their own opportunities for affordable housing.  

Nonprofits put equity back into affordable housing for Latinos

Also on Wednesday, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will have a hearing on examining preparedness for COVID-19, with a focus on lessons learned from the pandemic. In testimony submitted to the House Committee on Financial Services, UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía explained that Latinos have been overrepresented in COVID-19 cases and underrepresented in pandemic relief. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that our community is essential. Leaving Hispanics families out of the country’s recovery is bad for all Americans.

2021 UnidosUS Capital Awards President’s Message

On Thursday, the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee will have a hearing on communicating trusted information about the COVID-19 vaccines. This is a key component of UnidosUS’s own Esperanza Hope for All Campaign, which is aimed at ensuring that our community has access to accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccines as part of an overall pandemic recovery.  

The American Rescue Plan Act is big, bold, and what our country urgently needs

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