Together with you, we accomplished all of this

This year has felt like one defining moment after another, and at every turn, Latinos have risen to the challenge, and shown the country what we stand for. We are the essential workers keeping the country running during the pandemic. We have stood with our Black brothers and sisters in protest as we demanded racial equity. And we cast our votes in record numbers, being a decisive voice in battleground states and electing more Latinos into what is already the most diverse Congress in history.

A year ago, we announced the UnidosUS ¡Adelante! 2020 Campaign using the full force of our organization to ensure Hispanics were registered, informed, and engaged at every step of the 2020 elections. Thanks to support from our Action Network, and together with our sister organizations the UnidosUS Action Fund and UnidosUS PAC, we achieved well beyond what we imagined.

UnidosUS ¡Adelante! 2020 Campaign

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This work would not have been possible without the help of our community-based Affiliates and mighty team of canvassers, safely helping Hispanics register to vote.

The 2020 elections disprove the false narrative that Latinos don’t vote, and that those who do are single-issue voters. Candidates matter, issues matter, and outreach is essential. Many of the people we help register to vote say that no political party has ever reached out to them about the importance of their vote. Much of our ¡Adelante! 2020 Campaign was about reaching our community where they are, and helping them see the power we all have as citizens. This includes $1.6 million in outreach and materials in both English and Spanish to get Latinos ready to cast their ballots safely.

As we move forward together, we have to remember that the fight isn’t over until all Americans have an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter who is leading the country, UnidosUS and our Affiliates are committed to achieving our vision of a country where everyone’s contributions are recognized.

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