This week in immigration news – October 29, 2020

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Stephen Miller prepares immigration executive orders for a prospective second-term Trump administration

Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior advisor, is said to have a suite of immigration executive orders that are ready to be rolled out if Trump is re-elected. These orders are said to be more extreme, given that if Trump is re-elected, he will not need to worry about securing another term in office.

Immigrant youth shut out of DACA face uncertainties

While the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration did not properly end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, this does not mean that immigrant youth who would have otherwise been eligible have been able to access this temporary status. Instead of accepting new applications, the Department of Homeland Security has instead opted to reject all new applications and limit renewals to one year instead of two. This leaves immigrants who would have been able to take advantage of the program and contribute to our communities and societies at a disadvantage.

Texas immigrants wait for a decision from the courts on their status

While the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Trump administration could end Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Sudan, the ACLU of Southern California have indicated that they would like to get the case reviewed. TPS-holders—many of whom have been in the United States for decades and have U.S.-citizen children—are hoping for a favorable court decision, or for Joe Biden to protect them and keep their families together, if he is elected.

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