VIDEO: What’s happening in Congress this week

The coronavirus illness is a growing concern in Washington, and it’s among the issues we are tracking this week.

Watch the video below:

Also on Capitol Hill this week, the House Appropriations Committee will discuss the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Budget Request for fiscal year 2021.

The budget proposal contains $18.4 billion for the construction of a wall, $3.1 billion to increase the capacity of immigration detention centers to hold more people, and $1.6 billion to significantly increase the amount of staff at immigration agencies.

Trump’s deportation machine has continued with little oversight, separating families across the country. Our community should be wary that he is once again attempting to increase the capacity of ICE and CBP.

Just last week we released a new report that shows how our nation’s schoolchildren are suffering under current immigration policy, which is putting an entire generation at risk. For example, 92% of respondents reported that their overall classroom climate has been impacted by immigration enforcement, directly, and indirectly affecting all students’ ability to learn.

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