Celebrate our 50th anniversary with us!

UnidosUS 50th anniversaryToday, February 20, marks the 50th anniversary of UnidosUS’s founding in 1968. What began as a small collection of young activists in Phoenix has become the country’s largest Hispanic-serving nonprofit, helping millions of Latinos define the American Dream on their own terms, then helping them achieve it.

We’re taking the day to reflect on the half century of work and impact we’ve been able to achieve together. As inspiring as it is to look back on our history, we also need to use this opportunity to look forward and envision how we can keep serving our community.

Janet Murguía, our President and CEO, recorded a video message to share her perspective on the milestone and our path moving forward. You can watch her message in English or Spanish below.

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As Janet mentions in the video, this is a year-long celebration that will continue in July in Washington, DC, for our Annual Conference. Join us there for three days of inspirational speeches from leaders and celebrities, workshops that tackle pressing and emerging issues, and plenty of entertainment.

UnidosUS 50th anniversary

We’ll be celebrating the impact we’ve made in the past half century throughout the entire year. Here are a few ways we’re getting started today:

  • A new logo that honors the anniversary, and emphasizes our theme for the year: The Next 50 Years: Leading with Tenacity, Courage, and Purpose.
  • A digital photobook that narrates our history and development from a small nonprofit based in Phoenix to the country’s largest Latino-focused organization.
  • A look back with a video highlighting the story of our seven founding Affiliates.
  • A preliminary list of year-long events and activities during our 50th year.
  • And more to come!

Join us today and throughout the year as we celebrate The Next 50 Years: Leading with Tenacity, Courage and Purpose. Together we will own our story and show how we have helped move our country forward.

“Now, as we consider the power of the moment we’re in—both as an organization and as a country—it is more important than ever to show what our country can be when everyone, including Latinos, has an equal opportunity to succeed. Without hesitation, I can say that in these 50 years of service, our community has never been stronger. Our power has never been greater. We cannot allow the challenges we face today to deter us from fulfilling our founding mission.”

– Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO



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