UnidosUS Affiliates react to President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union

This morning we spoke with leaders of some of our UnidosUS Affiliates to get their reaction to the president’s 2018 State of the Union address.

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Our Affiliates—nearly 300 strong—are the heart of UnidosUS. They work daily to assist, educate, and empower communities nationwide. So they know the destructive impact of the negative rhetoric and policies pursued by this administration first-hand.

These advocates were watching and listening closely last night to what the president said. But they know the reality of this administration is in their daily actions. And it is those actions which make Trump’s words last night “ring hollow.”

The below UnidosUS Affiliates are located in California, Tennessee, Texas, and the Washington, DC area. Scroll below to see what they have to say.

And make sure to also click on their website link to find out more about their work to provide opportunities for Hispanic Americans.


Trump’s Plea for Unity in State of the Union Rings Hollow

Mauricio Calvo, Executive Director
Latino Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

“It’s unfortunate that President Trump used last night’s State of the Union as an attempt to gain support by turning immigrants and Latinos into boogeymen who should be feared and hated. For all the time spent during the speech on immigration, there was no mention of the contributions of immigrants living in the country today.

The address was not only divisive and lacked substance, but it was also contradictory in nature. He talked about the importance of families, yet his immigration proposals do not keep families together.  He highlighted a strong economy and low unemployment, yet failed to recognize how immigrant workers have helped build our nation’s wealth.

But we know our country’s better than that. Division will never make us stronger, and our country can’t reverse the progress it’s made.”

Teresa Granillo, Executive Director
Austin, Texas

“President Trump has proven consistently that he’s no friend to Latinas, or to any women.

When Trump ended TPS in November, countless longtime residents of Austin—our friends and neighbors—woke up not knowing if they still have a place in the city they love. After decades of working and living here, their lives were upended overnight. Presidents are supposed to protect us, not make us feel unwelcome.

Trump proved what’s in his heart again just last week when he and his allies in Congress shut down the government instead of working with Democrats for a solution for young DREAMers. Even though 80% of Americans want to see these bright young people have a permanent status in this country, aggressively hateful values won again.

Con Mi MADRE has worked for more than 25 years to make sure all Latinas have the support to succeed in life. That’s not possible when powerful decision-makers play dirty games to harm immigrants and people of color.”

Maria S. Gomez, President and CEO
Mary’s Center
Washington, DC

“At Mary’s Center, we know the value of health coverage. Our organization was founded to help mothers fleeing violence in Latin America who were going without essential health care for themselves and their babies.

Since we opened our doors in 1988, we’ve gone from serving 200 women a year to more than 47,000 men, women, and children.

The dismantling of the Affordable Care Act affects real hard working families, who need to stay healthy to continue to stay employed and provide for their young children, our future. We urge the administration to protect access to preventive care services. Telling a woman she has terminal breast cancer when it could have been diagnosed early is unconscionable in a country that otherwise has the advanced technology to save precious lives.”

Luis Granados, Executive Director
Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)
San Francisco, California

“Since 1973, Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) has helped create opportunities for low-income and immigrant families in San Francisco’s Mission District.

While we continue to assist families with taking charge of their finances through our free tax preparation, job training and financial coaching, the Trump administration’s tax plan makes it more difficult to get relief for the over 7,000 constituents our organization serves each year.

Two-thirds of the families that we serve are immigrants, and the Trump administration’s tax bill rips away tax credits that help them put food on the table and make ends meet.

This plan also does nothing to help Latino-owned businesses thrive and create jobs in their communities. Not to mention the taxes that will be raised on 46 million working Americans — including seven in 10 Latino families — when the tax plan is enacted.

The administration should be working to help all Americans prosper by increasing resources to build more affordable housing, create and strengthen small businesses, and improve academic achievement, rather than focusing on helping the wealthiest among us.”

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