Our community will not forget the devastating impact of the GOP tax bill

GOP Tax bill voteToday Congressional Republicans pushed through a “historically bad piece of legislation” that cements the GOP leadership and Trump administration’s war on children. That is because the party-line GOP tax bill vote sends a massively unpopular “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” to President Trump that  clearly puts the future of our children and our country at stake.

A CNN poll shortly before the vote demonstrated bipartisan hatred of this bill, with opposition climbing to 55% of all voters. Additionally, the poll found that 66% of voters see the bill as benefitting the wealthy, and four-in-10 voters believe that the passage of the bill will make their family worse off.

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GOP tax bill voteThis gift to the GOP’s wealthiest donors and big corporations is expected to increase the national debt by $1.4 trillion or more over the next decade.

That increase will then be used as an excuse to push through draconian cuts to essential programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP, which helped lift 6.3 million Latinos, including three million Latino children, out of poverty in 2015.

“Plain and simple, this is a historically bad piece of legislation. With its massive and permanent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest of Americans and tiny and temporary cuts for the vast majority of American families, this bill is not only unconscionable, it is obscene. The Republican congressional leadership and the administration are treating the very rich to a high-end ‘all you can eat’ buffet and sticking our families and our kids with the check,” said UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía.

GOP tax bill vote

“This needless attack on the well-being and prospects of our children is wrong, but it is also short-sighted. These kids will be the backbone of the American workforce in the next decade so failing them now will hurt all Americans. This Republican-led Congress and the administration have truly put our country’s future at risk and they have only themselves to blame for the consequences of their foolish actions. And our community will neither forget the devastating impact of this bill nor who traded our future for their narrow self-interest,” concluded Murguía.

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