Diversity is Our Strength

UnidosUS announces the launch of “Rise Above,” a campaign aimed at rising above hateful and negative rhetoric and strengthening the ties that bind us as a country.

At UnidosUS, we believe diversity makes us stronger, helps us innovate, helps us solve problems, and helps us navigate an increasingly complex world. To highlight these strengths and to spur conversation about how we can come together, today UnidosUS announced the launch of Rise Above, a campaign that will strengthen the ties that bind us as a country. Rise Above will do this by elevating actions—both big and small—that people take each day to help their neighbors and their communities thrive. Through this campaign, we will provide tools and activities to help folks rise above fear and division. Ultimately, our aim is to tap into the strength of our rich diversity and foster more collaboration between all American communities.

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Americans overwhelmingly hold these values too. Research conducted by Lake Research Partners, in conjunction with UnidosUS and The Opportunity Agenda, has shown that 80% of Americans believe that diversity makes the United States a stronger country. Even more of those surveyed, 84%, said they have concerns about the current negative tone of our politics, and they see racial divisions as a serious problem (83%).

“Together we can build an accurate story of who we aspire to be as a nation, one that recognizes our diversity as a national strength and has a place for every one of us,” said Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Deputy Vice President, UnidosUS. “We are being constantly assaulted by narratives that attempt to divide us; Rise Above is an antidote to that toxicity, showing what is possible when we come together regardless of color, religion, origin, or affiliation.”

Today’s launch also includes a call for others to join our national day of story-sharing on October 18. Through a website and social media, “Many Stories, One Nation,” will provide a platform for people to share stories, ideas, actions, and events that highlight how communities nationwide are working together to ensure America reaches its highest potential.

Currently, 20 UnidosUS Affiliates in six states have committed to holding Rise Above-related actives. They include:

  • Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.; Promise Arizona; and Valle del Sol, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Hispanic Unity of Florida, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida
  • Redlands Christian Migrant Association in Immokalee, Florida
  • Amigos for Kids in Miami, Florida
  • El Centro Hispano, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina
  • Latino Network in Portland, Oregon
  • Latino Memphis, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Conexión Américas in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Mary’s Center in Washington, DC and Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Latin American Youth Center and Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers in the Washington, DC area

We look forward to the coming weeks as the campaign unfolds, and we invite you to join us and share with us your own stories of diversity. Make sure to visit weriseabove.us and be sure to follow @UnidosUS and #RiseAbove for more information and for the latest campaign updates.

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