UnidosUS: Hurricane Harvey Response Resources

Like many of you, the UnidosUS familia is very concerned about the impact of Hurricane Harvey, especially with millions of Latinos in the path of the storm’s destruction. Texas is also home to a number of our Affiliates, many of which are located in Houston.

Perhaps now more than ever, our Texas Affiliates, staff and board members who live there, and the impacted communities feel our support. To that end, we have compiled information and resources for those who would like to provide whatever kind of support they can. We urge you to share this information to support families in need.

Helpful Resources

Direct Support to Affiliates

Consider directing your support to our Texas Affiliates. Below is a list of UnidosUS Affiliates in the affected areas and how to donate:

Corpus Christi
Gulf Coast Council of La Raza, Inc.

AAMA, Inc.
Donate to AAMA

American Latino Center for Research, Education & Justice (ALCREJ)

D.R.A.W. Academy
Contact to donate to D.R.A.W.

Houston Gateway Academy, Inc.
Contact to donate to Houston Gateway Academy

KIPP Houston
Donate to KIPP

Tejano Center for Community Concerns
Donate to Tejano Center

Support to Additional Organizations

Thank you for showing your concern for the millions who will be dealing with the storm’s aftermath for months, possibly years, to come. We know you join us in supporting the families experiencing the effects of this catastrophic storm as they cope with what comes next.

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