Take #SaludWater Action for Kids!

Dehydration. Fatigue. Poor classroom performance.

Water can help solve these issues for kids, but Latino kids don’t have access to clean drinking water as often as white kids, and they are more dehydrated.

That’s why we are joining the new #SaludWater health social media campaign!

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#SaludWater—led by the Salud America! national network for healthy change for Latinos—promotes actions, awareness, and grassroots solutions to inspire local change to give Latino children more access and opportunity to drink water.

“Parents, teachers, and leaders all have roles to play to help boost access to safe drinking water for Latino children in our schools and communities,” said Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America! and a professor at UT Health San Antonio.

We are excited to serve as a partner on the #SaludWater campaign.

Be sure to check the #SaludWater website and take these actions to make water more accessible to Latino kids in schools and communities:

Actions include:

  • Tweet how drinking water helps you live life better.
  • Share social media messages about real facts and real people driving innovative solutions to boost water access, such as adding water bottle fountains in schools.
  • Sign a letter to urge State PTAs to prioritize efforts to promote access to drinking water in schools, such as water bottle fountains.
  • Use our toolkit to add water bottle fountain in schools.

Get started now at salud-america.org/saludwater!

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