The Selection of Tom Price for HHS Secretary Is Cause for Concern

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) Photo: Tom Price Facebook page

We are greatly concerned that Donald Trump’s pick for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Representative Tom Price, will curtail the maintenance of health coverage gains achieved under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In a statement this week, NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía questioned the wisdom of the incoming president’s selection.

“There is an old saying that personnel is policy. And with the nomination of Tom Price, President-elect Trump has chosen the number-one opponent of the ACA in Congress,” said Murguía. “The question for the president-elect now is whether he is prepared to live with the consequences if Price succeeds in getting his way.”

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The six-term Georgia congressman and former obstetrician has been a vocal opponent of the ACA since its inception. He has already issued comments on how he would carry out the repeal of the health care law, which has insured 22 million Americans to date.

“Is President-elect Trump willing to take away health care access from 20 million Americans, many of whom supported his candidacy? Is he willing to take away affordable care from those Americans who have pre-existing conditions or are under the age of 26?,” Murguía asked. “This is what will happen if there is repeal without a real and viable alternative, and frankly Representative Price’s past replacement proposals are neither. Representative Price’s statements in support of privatizing Medicare should be cause for alarm to many Americans,” Murguía said.

Of particular concern to NCLR is the millions of Latinos who have benefited from the law. Many of these Americans never had insurance before the ACA, but they’re now facing an uncertain future.

“We are especially concerned about the potential to take away what our community has gained with the ACA. The ACA is not perfect and we support needed reforms, but more than seven million Hispanics now have access not only to health care, but also to a host of preventive services and screenings,” said Murguia. “Price and the incoming administration should not further disenfranchise the most vulnerable among us, including low-income children, families and seniors.”

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