Know Your Rights: Immigration Resources


These last couple of weeks have been challenging, but we are committed to the well-being of our community and our fellow Americans. Not only will we work tirelessly to stand up and defend the 58 million Latinos in this country, we will also work nonstop to uphold our nation’s values of tolerance and inclusion.

Below are resources for those who may be asking what steps they can take to protect themselves if there are changes to immigration law in the future.

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  • See a qualified immigration legal service provider for an immigration screening to see if there are any immigration options that you may already be eligible for. You can find a nonprofit immigration legal service provider near you by visiting
  • Avoid immigration scams and only seek immigration advice from an attorney or an accredited representative working for an organization recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals.
  • Know your rights. Everyone has certain rights protected by the Constitution. For example, law enforcement officials have to show a warrant with your name on it to enter your house. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to call an attorney.
  • Legal service providers are recommending against filing initial DACA applications because it is unlikely that the applications would be processed and adjudicated before the end of the Obama administration.

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