It’s Time to Get Covered!


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made it possible for 20 million more Americans, including more than four million Latinos, to get health coverage since it was implemented in 2013.

Open enrollment under the ACA is finally here! It is important for you and your family to sign up for health insurance during this open enrollment period, which begins Tuesday, November 1 and runs through January 31, 2017. You can enroll in coverage by calling (800) 318-2596 or by visiting or

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Whether you are renewing your coverage in the health insurance marketplace, or purchasing insurance for the first time, it is important to learn about your options, as well as the financial help that may be available. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that with financial assistance, more than 70% of marketplace consumers this year will be able to purchase a plan for less than $75 per month. In 2016, 85% of marketplace consumers qualified for financial assistance, so you can find the coverage that is right for you!


Her are some additional tips on how you can get ready to get covered:

1. Understand your options and choose the health plan that best meets your needs. Check out the benefits and costs of available plans at or You can also find out if you and your children are eligible for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

2. Gather key documents and information before you apply. Several documents—such as a permanent resident card (or green card), a reentry permit, or an employment authorization card—can be used to prove immigration status on the health application.

3. Determine who in your household is applying for coverage. Have information ready for each person, including everyone’s home and mailing addresses. Make a general estimate of your income for the coming year to get an idea of the savings for which you might qualify.

4. Get one-on-one help. Free local, in-person assistance is available to answer your questions and help you enroll in a health plan. To find out where you can get assistance in your area, call (800) 318-2596 or visit

5. If you do not have an eligible immigration status and do not qualify for coverage, you can apply on behalf of your eligible dependents. An ineligible parent, for example, can apply on behalf of an eligible child.

Enroll in a health plan by January 31, 2017. Share this information with your family and friends and encourage them to get covered too! Be prepared and understand your options so you can find the best health care plan for you and your loved ones.

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