It’s Super Tuesday! Ready to Vote?

Today is Super Tuesday, one of the most important days on the presidential primary schedule. Many states will vote or caucus today to decide how their delegates will be distributed at the party conventions later this year. Primaries and caucuses give voters significant influence in determining which candidates the parties will support in the general election in November. The results from today’s contests have tremendous implications for the momentum of the presidential races moving forward.


Our vote is our voice. If the Latino community mobilizes and votes, our voices will be heard and taken seriously. A big showing from Latinos on Super Tuesday will illuminate the true power of Latino voters—putting candidates on notice that the issues important to Latinos shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just ask Isabel Rubio of our Affiliate, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

“As a citizen, your vote is your voice – it’s your chance to be heard.  On Tuesday, March 1st, lift your voice and hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions which impact our families.  Let your vote show there is power in the Latino vote in Alabama. Get out and vote and really show Alabama what a Super Tuesday looks like. ¡Si se puede, y’all!”

Who you vote for is up to you. The most important thing is to be a voter. To not vote would be to welcome more of the same on issues that directly impact our families. Latinos all across the country, are depending on us.

The list below includes links to where you can find your polling places today:




Dems –










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