NCLR Fathers Work Hard for Their Families

By Elizabeth Drake, Intern, NCLR Communications Department

Elizabeth Drake and her father David Drake. Photo: Elizabeth Drake
My dad works at NCLR as an accountant. I remember always asking him when I was younger what an accountant was. He told me he worked with money and that there was math involved. I would then respond with a look of utter disgust at the mention of math, and the conversation would end.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how great of a job he had. He was able to pursue a career in a field he enjoyed and be the best dad I could have ever asked for.

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I want to follow my dreams just as he has. It is an inspiration to me that he works at a nonprofit organization that helps millions of people. His hard work and dedication in the finance department is behind the scenes, but I know how important he is to NCLR’s mission of improving opportunities for Hispanics. I’m so proud of him

I always knew my dad was able to support us because he got a college degree. From an early age, I could see that college was the right way to go if I ever wanted to be as successful as him. It was the question of what I should do in college that was unclear.

My father always made sure he was a part of my life. I have been dancing since I was three years old, and my dad has been very involved in my dancing career since the beginning. He would take me to classes on the weekends and drive me to the theater for performances. He could even do a better bun than my mother! Dad always told me to follow my dreams and work hard so that I can achieve them. When I told him that I wanted to dance professionally and study dance in college, he was all for it.

My father chose a major that involved math, which was his favorite subject. If he was able to have a career doing what he loved, why couldn’t I? Math to my dad was dance to me, so when college admission season came rolling in, what I wanted to do became clear.

During the six months of applying and going to auditions, my dad was with me the whole way. He was the one who travelled with me to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, and New York City. He held me when I cried after each rejection letter, and he was there to celebrate with me when I finally got accepted into a university where I could dance.

My dad was the one who also influenced me to double major in communications. He knew dancing wouldn’t last forever, and he wanted me to be able to find a good job should my dancing career end.

My father is the best father I know. He works hard and is committed to his job, and he is equally dedicated to and supportive of his family. He plans out yearly vacations, and he isn’t afraid to act silly around us. He made my life so wonderful, and I’ll always be thankful for his involvement in my life and his support.

Thank you, Daddy, and Happy Father’s Day!

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